America’s Incredible Kids

I love inspirational stories so much. So much, actually, that I have a different blog other than this one in which I highlight these stories regularly. That blog is all about GOOD NEWS in the face of all the bad news around us. It’s like a haven amongst the discouraging and sad stories that seem to surround us on every side.

I did not even know about this website that makes it’s goal to profile the encouraging and I love inspirational stories going on in America.

Believe it or not…this news IS out there. There ARE people trying to recapture good values and make a difference. I especially love the stories that highlight young people trying to make a difference. In my opinion, these people need to receive as much encouragement as we can give them. This is the future of America — the up-in-coming generation that will become our leaders. They need encouragement to stay strong and maintain their convictions to make a difference and walk the narrow road.

The website calls them “Incredible Kids” … and incredible they are. These youngsters are doing extraordinary things in their local cities and towns across America. Join me in encouraging them and giving them the recognition they deserve!

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