Ruthie Creates

Hide the box cutters ! Ruthie is on the loose! You’d think with raising nine kids, that I would have seen it all by now…or even almost all of it…well…if there’s one thing I’ve learned from raising so many kids, it’s that they are all TOTALLY different. Sure, I have some kids that tend to be more similar to each other than others, but none of them is walking in precisely the same footsteps as an older sibling.

Take my Ruthie for example. This kid is a dynamo. She has a constant eye out for upcycling and recycling just about anything that comes into the house. In fact, often I have to fight her for odds and ends that she gets an idea about. I’ve learned to predict the items she’s going to want, also…and if I want them myself, I know I have to hide them. That goes for my tools, too.

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