Wandering in the Prairie

I took the kids for a walk today out on the edge of town. A local church bought land out there, built their building and then proceeded to use part of their acreage to plant a prairie restoration project. So…I took my mini crowd out there and we wandered around for about an hour. Yes…I could have used a crowd control…I did have six kids with me, after all. This got me to thinking about crowd control, in general.

Have you ever paid any attention to those effective stanchions that corral you and help you know where to form a line? Or how about those velvet ropes that let you know where to form a queue? You can even have special messages printed on the velvet strips, if you want. I never thought of that! Oh, and these are always useful…especially when you have a bunch of rowdy kids…barricades keep people out of areas where you don’t want them. I could use some of those to keep Rachel away from outlets and cords. That kid…I tell ya…

Anyway…these are just some of the effective ways that people manage and control crowds and keep things orderly. We parents could learn a lot…yeah?

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  1. Very interesting info!Perfect just what I was searching for!

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