My Dad and Football…

This guest post from Hong Alexander

I have never met a man as into football as my father, seriously. He literally wakes up at 6am to start cooking chili the day of and we watch football from the time the first game comes on at about noon all the way until the last one, usually ending around or after midnight. Last year my mom and I went in together on satellite so he could get all those extra NFL channels they’re always advertising and now he spends all week in between games watching those! I love that he’s so passionate about his sport and that he’s so easily entertained but I wish he would lay off a little bit, at times. He took a handheld radio to my sister’s wedding last season just so he didn’t have to miss a minute of the action! I don’t think I have to tell you how happy she was about that, and I don’t blame her one bit. Get it together, dad, your whole life can’t revolve around football! Actually, I guess it can.

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