I order flowers only a couple of times each year — seems that I’m always searching for just the right Mother’s Day gifts and often end up settling for flowers. I also order a centerpiece each Thanksgiving to make the table extra special. I don’t know about you, but shopping online for flowers always takes me a long time. I always want to get the absolute prettiest flowers I can get for the best deal. So…I search and I search and I search, looking for good deals for pretty flowers. I don’t know if I could have Chicago flowers delivered, but I would certainly try if I could find a good deal. I also have found a little trick. As I search, I usually end up putting various things in shopping carts of different websites. Often, later on that day or the next day, I will get an email from the flower websites where I abandoned my shopping carts offering me percentages off my order if I place it. Sometimes it’s best to wait and go back for an even better deal!

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