Mixed Media Marketing

If I had a hot idea or item that needed some exposure, you can bet I’d be utilizing the Internet for all it is worth. I’d also be looking for an Advertising Agency that understands the Internet and all the advertising possibilities enfolded within this expanse of information.

This is the 21st century, right? So…advertising needs to be up to the minute advanced to capture the attention of the consumer. No, television and radio are not obsolete, but using mixed media exposure to target a broader range of consumers is probably the most effective advertising method.

I would also like to see an agency that was willing to tweak the plan to make it work — you know — try something and if it doesn’t work, try something else. How about special measuring metrics to determine whether a campaign’s advertising is effective. I’d want a company that offers real-time data for making informed marketing decisions about strategy.

Ok — now that I’ve said all that…what I need is any idea. Actually…I have an idea…but what I need is the time to figure out how to launch it and make it work. Sadly…I’ve been sitting on this idea for about five years now. It’s far from stale, but all that wasted time when it could have been out there doing something.

Time to drag ourselves fully into the 21st century. We’re already a decade in…isn’t it time to be in with both feet? Make your marketing work to find every consumer that needs your service or item.

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