Happy Senior Year!

David is a senior this year! How can that be?
We went school shopping this last Sunday and had his Senior pictures taken. I think I bought everything he could possibly need, except possibly skipping the lapel pins that he would have rolled his eyes at.
Anyway…want to see his great senior pictures? I’m happy with […]

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Ruthie Creates

Hide the box cutters ! Ruthie is on the loose! You’d think with raising nine kids, that I would have seen it all by now…or even almost all of it…well…if there’s one thing I’ve learned from raising so many kids, it’s that they are all TOTALLY different. Sure, I have some kids that tend to […]

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Wandering in the Prairie

I took the kids for a walk today out on the edge of town. A local church bought land out there, built their building and then proceeded to use part of their acreage to plant a prairie restoration project. So…I took my mini crowd out there and we wandered around for about an hour. Yes…I […]

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Summer in a Little Town

I hesitate to write this…but we don’t lock our doors at night. We keep the windows wide open and the porches open leading straight into the house. Also…I often leave my keys in the ignition of my car while it sits in our driveway. Crazy? Maybe a little. Spoiled? Maybe a lot. That’s life in […]

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My Dad and Football…

This guest post from Hong Alexander
I have never met a man as into football as my father, seriously. He literally wakes up at 6am to start cooking chili the day of and we watch football from the time the first game comes on at about noon all the way until the last one, usually ending […]

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Summer’s Final Hurrah

How can summer be over already?!? Seriously? We are down to 13 days until school starts. I’ve been chipping away at my school preparations. Just about everything I wanted and needed to get done this summer is finished.
I accomplished a few organizational projects that sorely needed doing. The garden has been producing now for […]

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Dust Dust Go Away!

I’ve been dusting lately. Actually, vacuuming and dusting in nooks and crannies. It’s a thankless job, I tell you. This is one of those things that you only notice when it’s NOT done…cobwebs and icky dust gathering in corners…I hate that! So…I have been wrestling with tv cables and cords and sticking my vacuum nozzle […]

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Baby Shower Festivities

We threw quite a baby shower last May on Memorial Day as we were anticipating the arrival of Josie Claire. I tend to get a little carried away in things like this, obsessing and planning for months until the big day. This baby shower was no different. One of the easiest things may have been […]

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I order flowers only a couple of times each year — seems that I’m always searching for just the right Mother’s Day gifts and often end up settling for flowers. I also order a centerpiece each Thanksgiving to make the table extra special. I don’t know about you, but shopping online for flowers always takes […]

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Mixed Media Marketing

If I had a hot idea or item that needed some exposure, you can bet I’d be utilizing the Internet for all it is worth. I’d also be looking for an Advertising Agency that understands the Internet and all the advertising possibilities enfolded within this expanse of information.
This is the 21st century, right? So…advertising needs […]

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