Where Did June Go???

Wow — I should have known this would happen. Here it is June 25 already and I am not nearly where I had hoped I would be. Somehow…the busyness of life just kicks it into hyperspeed and the days fly by.

We are still trying to finish up school work from this school year so I do not even consider us completely finished yet. Huh…some teacher, right? No, homeschoolers don’t need teaching degrees…but I’ve been at this for longer than many of the youngsters I see at the schools nowadays.

Anyway…my fear? We are going to play catchup all summer long and then I’m going to have to go right into preparation for the next year and then TEACHING without one little break. And I so need it…I am so burnt. I’m not even sure one of those expensive teaching degrees would be enough to get rid of my burn-out.

Anyway…hopefully somehow, some way we’ll fit it all in this summer and get enough down time so we can redirect our energies into a productive school year next year.

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