Where Did June Go???

Wow — I should have known this would happen. Here it is June 25 already and I am not nearly where I had hoped I would be. Somehow…the busyness of life just kicks it into hyperspeed and the days fly by.
We are still trying to finish up school work from this school year so […]

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Baby Snuggles

I got a full dose of baby snuggles this afternoon, rocking and cuddling little Miss Josie. So far, she seems very mild and content. A newborn that sits back, wide awake and studying the world is not the norm for me. My babies…let’s just say it’s like they have power tool batteries that rarely need […]

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the safe arrival of Miss Josie Claire at 12:44 pm on June 20. She weighed 8 lbs. 3 oz. and was 22 inches long.
Daniel and Jessica welcomed her into the world and we are so thankful she is here!
She missed Father’s Day by less than one day, but her daddy celebrated anyway because we knew […]

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House Help!

OK…I’m not requesting much…certainly not french maid lingerie…but the house is starting to get to me. We’ve had quite a bit of chaos this week and our attention has been distracted away from the normal routine. You know what this means, right? Yup…the house is really suffering and I foresee a few days of nitty-gritty […]

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Water Fun Tomorrow

We have a little mini-excursion planned for tomorrow. We are taking the kids and going to a local wading pool/park where the kids can play in the water. We are meeting son and daughter-in-law there for a final hurrah before baby Josie comes on Friday! Everyone’s pretty excited…hopefully we’ll make some good memories, avoid any […]

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Swinging into Summer

Yup — summer is in full swing here now. The kids started summer school today and swim lessons will start on Monday. Sarah will begin working at the farm any day now, too, and the library program is about to start as well. Fastening our seatbelts for this ride. I wish there was such a […]

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Digging in the Garden

I ventured outside to keep on top of the weeds today in the garden. Isaiah — my little farm man — stuck with me for a while, but he soon had enough of the heat and the sun and he retreated back indoors to the cool of the house. I got the beans weeded and […]

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