Congratulations Sarah!

We got an award letter in the mail yesterday. I am happy to share that 14 year old Sarah has been awarded a full scholarship to attend a Summer Intensive Dance Program this summer. It’s quite an honor and she would not be able to attend the program without the scholarship. She has a full […]

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Almost Memorial Day!

Final Countdown!
One year ago, we were celebrating the arrival of our little Rachel with a baby shower on Memorial Day. Now fast forward one year and we are anticipating the arrival of little Josie Claire with another baby shower on Memorial Day. Seems to be a new tradition, eh? Wonder who will be next year?
Now, […]

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New Phone Love

I’ve had a new phone for about a month now…and have been enjoying its attractive Android qualities. Tonight I decided to look at some apps to see what I could find. I was excited to learn — probably more excited than I should have been — to see that FireFox has an android browser app. […]

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Garden Goes In

About three-quarters of the garden is in the ground as I write this. We still need to plant a few more tomatoes, the peppers, a few more herbs and plant the cucumber seeds and then we’re done. Then hubby needs to get the fence up to keep the bunnies away from my plants and I’ll […]

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May Marches On

We are progressing through May…the garden is now mostly planted. Big trash day is over….we got rid of a lot of stuff and the annual redistribution of the junk is done with. What on earth do all of those metal collectors do with it all? Honestly…men cruise the curbs with trucks full of metal, looking […]

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Last Dance Classes for the Spring

Anyone know where I can go to add a few hours into the rest of the days between now and Memorial Day? Seriously…I’m getting overwhelmed. Sure, saving money through would be great, but at this point, I’d pay for a little extra time. Between garden, big trash day and baby shower, I’m seriously overwhelmed. […]

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Baby Shower Planning

We just sent out the baby shower invitations this week. It was a lot of fun choosing and getting them ready to mail and I think they turned out pretty well. We did not do postcard printing this time, but just found some pretty little pink cards and wrote them out. The more I think […]

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May Crazies

I love spring…really, I do…I just wish it wasn’t so CRAZY! I wish I had time to plunk down in front of my computer and worry about little things like my websites and maybe visit a cool site like to see if I can improve my sites. No, instead…I am trying to get the […]

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Happy Birthday Michael!

How can it be that my sweet and peaceful little boy is an adolescent? Michael is celebrating the big 12 tomorrow! He’s still as sweet as he was when he was little…just in a much bigger body!
Michael, I have no idea what the future holds for you. Whatever you do (be it massage therapy school […]

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