Congrats Sarah!

Sarah landed her first summer job today. We have friends who operate an organic farm and Sarah is old enough to work on the farm this summer. She’s very excited to start earning minimum wage sometime this May. She’s got big plans for her money…no, not acne treatment s. She wants to take a Summer […]

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Isaiah’s Innovations

I went to help Isaiah zip up his coat yesterday and noticed a cool zipper pull he fashioned. It was a little sheriff badge that he connected into the zipper. Not the typical lapel pin style for a sheriff badge, but cool and imaginative, nonetheless. He’s got some innovative ideas, my little almost five-year-old-guy. He […]

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New Garage Roof

Warning — husband on the roof! My certifiable husband has decided that he wants to replace our garage roof. Is there some kind of business intelligence dashboard tool I can use to measure his sanity and competence? Seriously…our garage is as big as a small house. It’s actually a two-story barn. We are now fully […]

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Spring Colds

Well, we had all the kids and grandkids together here last week for a fun visit. The house is so full when everyone is here. Full of people and love!
Unfortunately, I fear that a spring cold is going around everyone now. It sounds like all three grandkids have the same thing and Ruthie is coughing […]

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