Pulling up the Covers

I tend to burn the midnight oil a bit, but lately I’ve noticed annoying dark circles telling on me when I don’t get enough sleep. Time to remedy this and figure out how to remove dark circles from under my eyes. Just because I’m over 40, doesn’t mean I have to look it, right?
I’m making […]

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One of the Worst Winters EVER

I can’t believe how sick we’ve been this winter. The baby has literally been coughing since mid December. At least one person has been sick consecutively since Thanksgiving. I know we have a lot of people in our family, making this statistically more probable, but this is ridiculous.
Add injuries to illness and it gets even […]

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It’s Another Pink Blessing!

I don’t think I officially announced oldest son Daniel and daughter-in-law Jessica’s big news from a few weeks ago. An ultrasound confirmed that they are expecting a baby girl at the end of June. They are very excited about this new arrival, as are all of us. Auntie Rachel can hardly wait!
Daniel’s been able to […]

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