Happy 21st to Us!

Tomorrow hubby and I will celebrate 21 years of marriage! Wow…we’re old! Wonder what I should get him. No, probably not any new ties . That’s not his style. As for going out — probably not. Wednesday is a busy kiddo day with baseball and dance.
I can hardly believe that 21 years ago we […]

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No More Bottles

Have I mentioned that Rachel is completely off bottles now? Several weeks ago when she got so sick, I threw myself into caring for her 24/7, nursing her round the clock and when we came out of that intense period, she wanted nothing to do with bottles anymore. I never thought we’d get to this […]

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Coming Back

I am slowly, but surely, coming back. It’s been an extremely long haul, what with getting pregnant unexpectedly and going through the entire pregnancy and newbornhood again at my ripe old age. Don’t get me wrong. I love my little peanut fiercely, but it’s been…HARD on me.
Anyway, no, I’m not searching to fine out […]

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I am so tired of losing hair! Baby is 7.5 months old and if this continues, I’ll soon be searching the internet for a good hair loss treatment. Honestly…how long does this last? I confess I can’t really remember. I think that just when you think it can’t get any worse, it gradually starts to […]

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Pulling up the Covers

I tend to burn the midnight oil a bit, but lately I’ve noticed annoying dark circles telling on me when I don’t get enough sleep. Time to remedy this and figure out how to remove dark circles from under my eyes. Just because I’m over 40, doesn’t mean I have to look it, right?
I’m making […]

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One of the Worst Winters EVER

I can’t believe how sick we’ve been this winter. The baby has literally been coughing since mid December. At least one person has been sick consecutively since Thanksgiving. I know we have a lot of people in our family, making this statistically more probable, but this is ridiculous.
Add injuries to illness and it gets even […]

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It’s Another Pink Blessing!

I don’t think I officially announced oldest son Daniel and daughter-in-law Jessica’s big news from a few weeks ago. An ultrasound confirmed that they are expecting a baby girl at the end of June. They are very excited about this new arrival, as are all of us. Auntie Rachel can hardly wait!
Daniel’s been able to […]

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Cell Joys

What on earth did moms do before cell phones? My cell phone is one of the primary ways I keep in contact with several of my kids. Thankfully, I don’t need a wireless cell booster , but I’d definitely get one if I needed it.
I get both texts and phone calls daily from at least […]

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Learning at Home

We have been homeschooling our children for about 15 years now so I consider us to be veterans in the home educating field. It’s never a cakewalk, though, because just when you think you have it figured out, along comes a kid who is nothing like the rest of them.
Some day, I want to […]

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Is It Spring Yet?

They cancelled Groundhog Day last week due to a blizzard…that does not bode well for how this winter is progressing. The baby has more or less been sick for the past six weeks. I am in serious need of a pick-me-up. Perhaps some retail therapy…that usually helps. Oldest son and his wife are expecting a […]

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