Turkey in the Oven

No, it’s not even a special day…but we have a 12 pound turkey roasting in the oven. Sarah found a recipe and we had a turkey in the freezer. So…the house smells good and we’ll have leftovers! Life is good. After we enjoy a yummy turkey dinner tonight, we won’t even care about finding the […]

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Finding a Few Extra Minutes

My biggest issue facing me day in and day out? No, it isn’t finding acne treatments that work — even my teenagers have pretty decent skin…so we’re good in the acne area.
No, my problems all center around…TIME….and the fact that I don’t have enough of it. Sure, I have as much as everyone else. The […]

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Happy 49th~

I can hardly believe I’m saying that to my hubby! He’s almost a half a century old…how is this possible??? As he is so fond of rubbing in to whomever is celebrating a birthday…we can also say he has officially begun his 50th year! Woot!
No, he won’t be worrying about acne scar removal any […]

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Trimming the Fat

January is always a tough month around our house, budget-wise. Insurance, taxes and a host of other annual bills come due all at the same time, making for a lean month as we try to spread the funds out between all the bills. I find myself especially stressed as I try to write more, while […]

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