First Tooth!

So excited! I may even write it and hang it around her little neck on one of those imprinted badge holders and lanyard … just kidding! I’m not that excited…but it is cool. Little Rachel cut her first tooth and it wasn’t even that bad. Not compared to the double ear infection and bronchitis that […]

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Water Woes

We have had our share of water woes in house. We’ve had some of the most unbelievable plumbing problems anyone could probably ever imagine. Plumbing problems that continued for weeks, months, and years on end. We’ve had water damage, too…we don’t live in Austin, so I’ve never searched for keywords like water damage […]

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Turkey in the Oven

No, it’s not even a special day…but we have a 12 pound turkey roasting in the oven. Sarah found a recipe and we had a turkey in the freezer. So…the house smells good and we’ll have leftovers! Life is good. After we enjoy a yummy turkey dinner tonight, we won’t even care about finding the […]

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Finding a Few Extra Minutes

My biggest issue facing me day in and day out? No, it isn’t finding acne treatments that work — even my teenagers have pretty decent skin…so we’re good in the acne area.
No, my problems all center around…TIME….and the fact that I don’t have enough of it. Sure, I have as much as everyone else. The […]

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Happy 49th~

I can hardly believe I’m saying that to my hubby! He’s almost a half a century old…how is this possible??? As he is so fond of rubbing in to whomever is celebrating a birthday…we can also say he has officially begun his 50th year! Woot!
No, he won’t be worrying about acne scar removal any […]

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Trimming the Fat

January is always a tough month around our house, budget-wise. Insurance, taxes and a host of other annual bills come due all at the same time, making for a lean month as we try to spread the funds out between all the bills. I find myself especially stressed as I try to write more, while […]

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Go Pack!

I will preface this by saying that I really am not a football fan. I follow it only when I have to do so to keep up with my boys — in other words, so I don’t look and sound like a complete idiot.
They have loved football since they were tiny. No, we never gave […]

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Web Hosting

I just recently had to renew many of my domains — I did it in a batch this time because it seems like I’m forever having to worry about a domain expiring and THAT would be a disaster to have a domain expire and disappear on me. What a mess. I can’t believe I’ve been […]

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It’s been a long time since we gathered around together with good old fashioned karaoke songs. We got a karaoke player years ago and for several years after that the kids really enjoyed singing with microphones to old standards. Our karaoke player doesn’t work the best anymore, but I got the bright idea to plug […]

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