How can it be December already?!? My mother-in-law celebrated her birthday yesterday (Happy Birthday, Darlene!) so December is a reality. It always sneaks up on me as we’re coming down from Thanksgiving — no phentermine here, but we sure ate a lot of turkey this past week!
Anyway, we have another birthday at the end of […]

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New Baby Coming!

We are excited to announce the impending arrival of our fourth grandbaby next summer. Daniel and wife Jessica are excited to add to their family. Something else to happily distract me away from worrying about diet plans that work and which ones don’t, right? Anyway, all seems good so far and Jessica is almost through […]

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Croupy Baby Woes

Why am I up and posting at 3 am you ask? My ordinarily great night sleeping baby is up barking like a little seal. Who knows where I might wander on the ‘net as I sit here bleary-eyed and nursing her to sleep…not that I’m really trying to end up at …but in my […]

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