Nicholas Sparks

Guest post written by Caroline Hewitt

You know, it really bothers me when someone judges an author’s work and they’ve never read that. But I guess that goes on a whole lot because if you haven’t heard many good things about a writer and aren’t interested in his work, you’re not exactly going to waste your time reading stuff by that writer, now are you? I understand that, but I still get frustrated when people put down my favorite author of all time, Nicholas Sparks.

Every boyfriend that I’ve ever had has teased me about my love for reading Nicholas Sparks books and how I keep up with all of his projects with my clearwire. But I still read all of his stuff and go and see all of the movies that are based on his books. I had my doubts when Miley Cyrus was cast in The Last Song, but the movie ended up being good.

It seems like about every other Nicholas Sparks book review that I find isn’t that positive. But I’m sure that Nicholas Sparks is fine about that because lots of people buy his books anyway.

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