Holiday Season Begins

And so another holiday season is upon us. As someone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas, I generally try to shut out much of the merry-making that goes on in December. No, you won’t find any Christmas wreaths hanging on our doors…no tree in the front window, no twinkling lights bedecking out home and landscape. We are […]

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Shopping Plans

Got any? No Black Friday for me, thank you very much, but I usually try to score sweet deals on Cyber Monday. What’s not to love about finding awesome deals while shopping on my bunny slippers? Not that we really need anything…but I’ll have to look. You understand this, right? Good…then could you explain this […]

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Have I Mentioned Lately…

…how blessed I feel to be successfully breastfeeding my baby?
This is the baby that would-not-could-not gain and my doctor told me to give up on breastfeeding. My response? Not acceptable. I WILL breastfeed my child. So…after getting her tongue clipped and feeling married to my breast pump, four months later she’s a nursing champ and […]

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Great Season Brodhead

Well, after making it to the state football play-offs tonight, our local high school team had a heartbreaking lose to end the post-game season. They lost 41-21 — just couldn’t get past the opposing team.
I’m not sure what could have made the difference – they certainly shouldn’t have needed anything like hgh sprays, but they […]

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Neighborhood Excitement

We had a neighborhood of excitement yesterday. For most of the day, our street was lined with police and sheriff cars, with officials swarming around our across-the-street neighbor’s house. They were definitely searching the premises and removing items, packing them into a cargo van. The amount of things they removed from the house would have […]

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Nicholas Sparks

Guest post written by Caroline Hewitt
You know, it really bothers me when someone judges an author’s work and they’ve never read that. But I guess that goes on a whole lot because if you haven’t heard many good things about a writer and aren’t interested in his work, you’re not exactly going to waste your […]

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Dreaming of Jewelry

I was at the library the other day and I happened upon some new beading books that were in the new nonfiction area. I picked up two and actually checked them out. It’s been about two years since I started making jewelry and I collected quite a collection of jewelry making supplies while I was […]

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Anniversary Shopping

Anniversary gifts can be a challenge to choose, but thankfully we get helpful hints because each year has a helpful gift theme. Who thought that up, anyway? Someone with a lot of time on his hands and a major imagination. Anyway, we celebrated our 20th this year and are closing in on 21 now. My […]

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Ugh – I Need TIME!

Slowly losing my mind here. This baby of mine just will.not.nap.
I put her in her swing to nap and someone wakes her up. I put her upstairs in her bed to nap and she wakes herself up madder than a hornet.
I swear, some days I’m so testy that you’d wonder if I was […]

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