Crazy Bees

The bees are into their predictable autumn craziness right now. It’s gotten so bad, that I don’t feel safe letting the kids out to play…and they certainly can’t take any kind of food or drink outside with them.

The other day, Abby was outside cleaning up and she reached for a toy that apparently a bee had landed on. Of course, she got stung on the inside of her finger. The first time she’s been stung in all of her six years and she was hysterical.

I calmly filled a bag with ice and dabbed some tea tree oil on it first. She almost immediately calmed and within about five minutes she had stopped crying and was curiously watching her finger to see what effect the sting would have on it.

Within about an hour, the swelling had disappeared and she was showing me that she could make a fist. That stuff is amazing!

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