Teenagers…they are so challenging! I still can’t decide whether boy teens or girl teens are harder – they both have their challenges. We are now on our fourth teen, two successfully raised and two in the midst of it. They sure are all different, I’ll have to say that, too.
Thankfully, no troubles like how to […]

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Worth the Weight

Yes…anyone who knows me knows that I am suffering while I hang onto this baby weight. Whenever I get frustrated and the ads talking about best diet pills for women start calling my name…that’s when I turn my gaze to this:

Yes…this little person…small and unbelievably sweet…with a temper to boot! She makes it all […]

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Crazy Bees

The bees are into their predictable autumn craziness right now. It’s gotten so bad, that I don’t feel safe letting the kids out to play…and they certainly can’t take any kind of food or drink outside with them.
The other day, Abby was outside cleaning up and she reached for a toy that apparently a bee […]

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Precious Pics

Seeing some of these pics makes quick weight loss pills the last thing on my mind. Now that Rachel is smiling often, cooing, talking and turning into a regular little human being, the picture opportunities are multiplying! This is great news for our family photographers!
I mean…can’t you just hear Rachel saying “You have GOT […]

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