Teenagers…they are so challenging! I still can’t decide whether boy teens or girl teens are harder – they both have their challenges. We are now on our fourth teen, two successfully raised and two in the midst of it. They sure are all different, I’ll have to say that, too.
Thankfully, no troubles like how to […]

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Worth the Weight

Yes…anyone who knows me knows that I am suffering while I hang onto this baby weight. Whenever I get frustrated and the ads talking about best diet pills for women start calling my name…that’s when I turn my gaze to this:

Yes…this little person…small and unbelievably sweet…with a temper to boot! She makes it all […]

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Crazy Bees

The bees are into their predictable autumn craziness right now. It’s gotten so bad, that I don’t feel safe letting the kids out to play…and they certainly can’t take any kind of food or drink outside with them.
The other day, Abby was outside cleaning up and she reached for a toy that apparently a bee […]

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Precious Pics

Seeing some of these pics makes quick weight loss pills the last thing on my mind. Now that Rachel is smiling often, cooing, talking and turning into a regular little human being, the picture opportunities are multiplying! This is great news for our family photographers!
I mean…can’t you just hear Rachel saying “You have GOT […]

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Library Day

Thursday is our new unofficial Library day…(unofficial so I can change or cancel it during the week if I have to without feeling guilty!)
Armed with our returns, we set off today for fun. Nothing about acne solutions, but maybe we should look into that!
We spent an hour there…baby slept, Isaiah did puzzles, Abby read and […]

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Rachel is now 3 1/2 months old. In some ways it’s flown and in other ways the time has crawled. Here are a few recent pics:

As we settle into the school year and look for that typical rhythm that gets us through each full day, I find I am struggling to settle. I am distracted […]

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Beach Combing

After spending several days beach combing along the gulf coast, the kids came home with a sizable shell collection. They had them out the other day to show a little neighbor girl. They placed a large shell on an end table in the living room and then got distracted for several minutes. Suddenly screams erupted […]

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Social Security Disability Insurance

Do you pay FICA taxes? If so, file this information away for future use if you need it. People who need disability insurance often need help getting it…navigating their way through Federal red tape can be overwhelming even when you know what you’re doing. And the folks at Allsup know what they’re doing. In over […]

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Back Home Again

We arrived back home late Sunday night after a long drive between Saturday evening and Sunday evening. When we drive like that, it is quite an unpleasant undertaking because we drive straight through, stopping only as long as we need to at rest areas. So…everything, including the bathroom sink, is now unpacked from the van […]

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Extending our Vacation

Since we were already halfway across the country in Arizona, we decided to take the long way home by way of Texas. I know, quite a detour, huh?
Most of us are having fun…with the exception of poor David. No amount of hormonal acne treatment will make this easier for him to bear. Vacationing with your […]

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