Teen Worries

Do you remember when you were a teenager and you actually lost sleep over such travesties as blackheads on your nose? When you considered a blackhead remover to be a need and not merely a desire?
As I look at life through my 13 year old’s eyes, I can remember these tragedies when they were mine…and […]

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Exercise Works for Me

Anyone know of any good natural fat burners? How about good old fashioned exercise? That’s the technique I plan to use when I’m ready to slim down again.
My experience has always been that when I eat clean and exercise every day, my body naturally slims down to my natural set point without huge effort. The […]

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Losing the Baby Weight

Gah…I don’t even want to think about how much weight I need to lose. Let’s just say…I do NOT need any type of weight gain supplement any time soon.
Unfortunately, my body hangs onto the weight while I’m nursing. So…realistically I should expect to be on the heavy side for awhile.
Looking on the bright side…it’ll keep […]

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Abby the Bird Hound

We have Ruthie the rock hound and Abby the bird hound.
Funny story:
We have always called Ruthie our little rock hound because of her passion for rocks. She hunts them up everywhere we go…literally…we cannot walk through a parking lot without her dropping to the ground to pick up at least one rock.
Abby…in her quest […]

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One more Shopping Trip

…until we hit the road. You should see my list. Kitchen sink, you say? Yep…it’s there. In fact, I’m hitting most every aisle and tossing such an odd variety of things in my cart that checkers invariably comment on my purchases. I thought they weren’t supposed to do that…oh well, I’m not buying apidexin in […]

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Ten Week Pictures

To celebrate Rachel turning 10 weeks, I’m sharing pictures!
I can hardly believe she’s this old already! As for me, you’ll not be seeing any pics of me until I burn belly fat. Yuck and ugh…I’ve got some work ahead of me.
Anyway…on to the pics!

She’s ten pounds of sweetness, loves to snuggle and we are loving […]

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Braggin’ Mama

Have I mentioned lately how proud I am of my kids? Having nine…you might imagine how overflowing my heart is and how much I must be burstin’ my buttons. Every single one of these kids is an awesome person, and I don’t say that lightly.
They are successfully leading their lives as productive and giving people, […]

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