One Month Old

Rachel’s first month has flown by…yesterday she turned one month old. We are in the height of the dog days of summer and yes…the ceiling fans are humming 24/7!

I had Rachel in to the doctor Friday for a well-baby visit. Unfortunately, she is not back to her birth weight yet. The doctor even went so far as to tell me he has NEVER seen a baby not regain to birth weight by one month! I left with instructions to stop breastfeeding for the next week, pump, and feed her expressed breast milk and formula. How discouraging! The doctor also told me AGAIN to prepare myself that nursing may not work this time.

I cannot and will not give up so easily. My suspicion is that Rachel is tongue-tied and this is preventing her from breastfeeding effectively. So…goal for this week…consult with a lactation consultant and get to the bottom of this!

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