Making Room for Changes

With the impending arrival of a new baby, I am finding myself having to rearrange life to accommodate this new little person. I’ve become pretty comfortable earning a living at my laptop here in the comfort of my home. I cannot imagine any easier home based business than sitting here writing for a living. Works […]

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Another Update

I had an OB appointment this morning and was surprised to learn that my blood pressure is up significantly. The doctor was very concerned. More concerned than I thought was warranted until I came home and did some reading. It seems that preeclampsia can raise your possibility of an abruption (which I am already at […]

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Baby Update

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning and the doctor told me it could literally be any time…or…I could walk around like this for weeks. I don’t typically dilate early, so the fact that I’m already dilating makes me think it might be soon.
In the meantime…I’m having no trouble staying busy and trying not […]

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It’s Summer – Strawberries!

The kids and I picked strawberries today. No…not a lot of fun out there in 90 degree weather with five kids and a full bladder, but we got 16 quarts today and I think we’ll probably go back on Sunday for some more – except hubby will come that day.
It’s been a long week…lots going […]

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Off to the Pool

No testosterone boosters needed around our house. With three lively boys still living under our roof and one energetic dad around to lead our little ship, we have an overabundance of testosterone around here it seems.
The kids headed off to the pool for the first swim of the summer this afternoon. I must admit, […]

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Non-Stress Tests Continue

I had my fourth non-stress test yesterday and so far, so good. Baby is cooperating and looks good. I can hardly believe I’m almost 34 weeks along already. Before I know it, I’ll be contemplating those fat burners again trying to get myself back into shape.
But for now, I have made up my mind that […]

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Baby Shower

I’m happy to say that the baby shower was a complete joy and success. We had a great turn-out, saw many friends and family members I hadn’t seen in a long time and the day was just so nice. Sarah did a wonderful job organizing, decorating and planning the games. I think everyone went home […]

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