Fond Memories of Thick Hair

Poor Sarah…no, she is definitely NOT suffering from female pattern hair loss here. She has actually begun complaining that her hair is…get this…TOO THICK. Can you even imagine? When I was her age, I had unbelievably thick hair also…but those days are LONG gone. What I have now can easily be bound in a hair […]

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Morning Sickness AGAIN?

No, I have not been taking appetite suppressants…but I have noticed a distinct lack or decrease in my appetite lately. Whereas I used to feel hungry every two hours round the clock, I now have to remind myself to eat. Granted, there’s getting to be not much room there for anything but baby…but this is […]

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GMAT Prep Courses

OK – all you folks who live online…why not look into taking gmat prep courses online in the comfort of your own home to help prepare? Not only can you attend live, interactive classes online, but you can also do so with the security of knowing there is a money-back guarantee if you do not […]

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Time to Stop Spending!

OK…I think I have been giving the ls2208 barcode scanners WAY too much action in the stores lately. Why does it seem like spring time is such an expensive time of year? Gardens are NOT cheap…and don’t let anyone tell you they are! I decided to go all organic this year and that is giving […]

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Belated Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day (belated) to all the mommies out there! I hope in some small way your day was special and you felt appreciated. As for me, I went shopping and when I got home, my desk was littered with cards and numerous bouquets of dandelions. Michael, Ru, Abby and Isaiah all outdid themselves while […]

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Coming Up On 30 Weeks!

Absolutely unreal. I cannot believe how quickly this pregnancy is flying. I really need it to slow down just a tad because I’m not anywhere near ready for this.
We just celebrated Michael’s 11th birthday and now Daniel’s 19th is fast approaching. Mother’s Day this weekend and next weekend is the big recital. Due to […]

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