It’s been awhile, so I thought I would catch up. Summer is starting to gear up for us, yet we still have a couple of weeks of school to finish. Not a lot of stuff, but stuff I’m not willing to forgo at the same time.
David will begin his job at the pool next […]

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Are you into supplements? I sometimes think I’m too lazy to take them because even when I buy some and start taking them, I begin forgetting and pretty soon I’m not taking them anymore. So…I have accepted that I am either too lazy or too distracted to regularly take supplements. Besides, I’d much rather get […]

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Do you ever wonder about stupid stuff? Like…when you are cleaning out the tub and someone left a bunch of hair in the bottom of the drain…and you’re fairly certain one of your sons was the last one to shower…do you ever wonder what it might be like to watch a son grow a receding […]

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