First NonStress Test

Baby girl passed her first non-stress test yesterday with flying colors. She cooperated completely and even got the hiccups toward the end for good measure. My next one will be next Tuesday and then I will have two each week until I deliver.
I went all set to spend some time in the chair waiting for […]

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‘Puter Woes

My one-year-old laptop has been acting funny lately. It seems to get bogged down to the point where one of the fans has to run more than it should and this fan does not cool the laptop sufficiently.
Hubby actually suggested maybe we should look for a Mac for me. I seriously never even considered […]

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Go Brewers!

We had a really nice day today. The weather was picture-perfect. A lot of the heat and humidity that was hanging around finally blew out of here last night. Hubby took off today with Daniel, Jessica, David and Michael to a Brewer’s game and the Brew Crew actually pulled out a win in the tenth […]

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