Ready for This?

With another 16 year old in the house, we are forced to contemplate the fun of adding another male juvenile driver to our automobile insurance. No, getting these auto insurance quotes are not one of the highlights of parenthood, let me tell you. David is wanting to join the ranks of drivers, but so far […]

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Last Prom Pics

One more group of Prom 2010 pics:

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More Pics

This blog theme is quirky. It won’t let me upload more than a few pictures to one post without all of the previous posts going wonky. So…a few more prom pics:

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Prom 2010

We made it through another prom season! Not my favorite festivity, but I deal. Here are pics of David and Kari from Prom 2010 –
Theme: Midnight Sky

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Pink Laundry!

It’s been a loooooooong time since I washed a load of pink things and had to clean pink dryer fluff out of the dryer. I washed two loads of pink things yesterday and today Abby and I put them all away. Abby hung all the little dresses up on hangers and she did such a […]

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Making Progress

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted my To Do list and I’m happy to say that I’ve made huge progress. It hasn’t even been ALL that stressful to kick it into high gear, either…no, no best wrinkle cream needed here!
I have passed the baby quilt off to my mom to quilt.
I have […]

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Thinking Birth Announcements Already

I have no postcard printing to do right now…but I am starting to think about birth announcements. When grandson, Kelvin, was born about a year and a half ago, I made his birth announcements. I see no reason why I shouldn’t make this baby’s birth announcements as well and save myself a boatload of money. […]

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Garden Going In

No more time for shopping for items like tv stands now. We just had a pick-up truck full of compost delivered this evening. Tomorrow we are renting a rototiller and the garden is going to be planted tomorrow afternoon! I am so excited! Of course, being sick and being pregnant mean that I get […]

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Congratulations David!

Nothing like one of those high end admin jobs, but we just found out yesterday that David has been hired at the local pool this summer for his first summer as a lifeguard. He’s picking up where Daniel left off and he’s pretty excited! He’ll be starting around Memorial Day with lifeguarding, swim lesson teaching, […]

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Strep Throat Woes

Here’s the best fat burner I’ve found lately – actually it’s a combination of two things…pregnancy and strep throat. GUARANTEED to make you slim down even when you don’t mean to! It’s been two and a half days since I’ve had a regular meal since my throat and gland have been so sore and swollen. […]

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