Rest In Peace

OK – bear with me today because I’m in that kind of a mood. The mother of one of hubby’s childhood friends passed away last weekend and hubby and I are going to the visitation later this evening. This was actually more than “just the mom of a friend” to my hubby. This mom was one of those women with a heart as big as the whole outdoors. She was a neighborhood mom who extended her hand and her love to anyone and everyone who needed it. When I came along, hubby was grown…but he was still close to the family and this mom was still active in everyone’s life…loving and guiding and being involved. She took me in as an extension of my husband and extended the same love to me as she did everyone else. This love also extended out to our oldest daughter; whom she babysat every time we asked.

Well…the kids grew up and the neighborhood evolved. This mom’s big heart did not shrivel up as her kids grew and left home; however. Oh no…because then the grandkids started coming! She was blessed with enough of those to keep her house full and her hands busy. She even had several great-grands to round out the group as well.

So…as I look back on what I saw of a life filled with love extended and given freely, I am struck by how someone so humble was so successful at this basic need we all have. LOVING.

Rest in peace, Shar. Your legacy lives on in the lives you touched.

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