Suggestions for General Teen Acne?

Poor Sarah…she is at that age when her skin is not cooperating with her. We have traced several foods that do not seem to agree with her and give her predictable problems on her face…trouble is she loves these foods. So she is presented with the conundrum of choosing a clear face or eating that […]

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Have I mentioned my muscle-head son? No? I can’t believe I forgot to tell you about David’s turn to weights and body building. He’s turning into a pretty big kid, too. We always knew he’d be big because he just seemed to have that large build (similar to hubby’s dad), but seriously…this kid will not […]

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Grandkids Hard At Work

Lora has been doing some very organized and impressive schooltime work with both Ava and Kelvin this winter. I thought I would share a few great pictures of the two of them hard at work – it was “C” week I believe and they were making caterpillars! C is for COOL!

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