Moving Right Along…

Did I happen to mention that I have recently found my sewing machine again and I am LOVING it? I forgot how therapeutic it is for me to sew. I just adore the construction and the process of creating with fabric…combining the colors and the textures into items we use.

I know…I should be deleavening or spring cleaning…and believe me, next week we will be digging out things like Anilox cleaner and applying the elbow grease to the house…but for NOW:

Lately, Sarah and I have been making some beautiful burp cloths for the baby. None of those plain old white rags for this wee one! No way! We are making two-sided burp cloths with absorbent diapers on one side and pretty fabric on the other. We’ve got it down to a process that enables us to whip them out pretty quickly now too.

While Sarah works on the burp cloths, I have begun the baby’s quilt. Pinks, yellow, whites…using some chenille fabric as well…so we have not only great colors but textures as well. I finished sewing the blocks together last night…now just two borders and the top is finished!

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