BIG Ultrasound – Wednesday!

Yep…Wednesday is THE day…the day we find out what this little bean is. We are going up to the perinatal center connected with the best hospital to have a diagnostic ultrasound to ensure this little person is healthy. Of course, we have faith that little beanie is perfect in every way…but it will be good […]

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Changing Insurance?

Unbelievably, we are considering changing our health insurance so we can deliver at the hospital we have always delivered at. While I feel comfortable with this hospital and the care we’ve always received there, changing doctors and insurance midway through a pregnancy is undaunting to say the least. A big part of me is resisting […]

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Happy Halfway!

Can you believe it? Today marks halfway through my pregnancy. I, myself, can hardly believe that I have 20 weeks behind me already. It has completely flown by.
Time to put on the work gloves, roll up my sleeves and get ready for this baby. It is going to be a busy 20 weeks ahead […]

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