BIG Ultrasound – Wednesday!

Yep…Wednesday is THE day…the day we find out what this little bean is. We are going up to the perinatal center connected with the best hospital to have a diagnostic ultrasound to ensure this little person is healthy. Of course, we have faith that little beanie is perfect in every way…but it will be good […]

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Changing Insurance?

Unbelievably, we are considering changing our health insurance so we can deliver at the hospital we have always delivered at. While I feel comfortable with this hospital and the care we’ve always received there, changing doctors and insurance midway through a pregnancy is undaunting to say the least. A big part of me is resisting […]

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Happy Halfway!

Can you believe it? Today marks halfway through my pregnancy. I, myself, can hardly believe that I have 20 weeks behind me already. It has completely flown by.
Time to put on the work gloves, roll up my sleeves and get ready for this baby. It is going to be a busy 20 weeks ahead […]

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Sarah’s Concert

Sarah has an extra-curricular concert she has been chosen to participate in tomorrow afternoon. Her band teacher selected Sarah and several other students to go to a local nursing home and perform for the residents. Not only is this an honor, but it is an excellent learning experience for the kids. I can tell Sarah […]

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There are certain perks to being pregnant. For one…I don’t even have to think twice about such things as you would find here: Honestly…pregnant or not, I have never thought twice about such things. Not my style…I guess I’d rather not know what sort of little “hitchhikers” I have hanging out in my innards. […]

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Juggling It All

Do you ever wonder how you juggle it all? I find myself wondering that quite a bit. Oh…for a second or two to contemplate things such as hair loss cures…SORRY HUBBY!…instead of carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders (or so it seems. Compound this by the knowledge that as overwhelmed as I […]

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Slow Down Life!

I can hardly believe I’m almost halfway through this pregnancy already. In two short weeks we’ll be 20 weeks through…we’ll be finding out what flavor bean we are getting and it will be time to begin preparations in earnest. Fast forward to after the blessed event and I’ll be running myself ragged trying to keep […]

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Diets That Work?

Have you honestly ever found any diets that work? You know the ones I mean…the fad diets that everyone has to try to lose ten pounds and then they go off them and immediately gain 15 pounds back? I have never been a fad diet person. When I need to lose weight (always that…UGH…dreaded baby […]

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20 Years and Counting…

Hubby and I celebrated 20 years of marital bliss (well…MOSTLY!) on Friday. We celebrated quietly because we are boring people…but that was fine with us. Good meal…TWO bouquets of flowers (one long-stemmed roses)…and our healthy brood there for us to enjoy.
I’d say we’ve done pretty well for ourselves over the last twenty years. Eight kids […]

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Enough Electronics!

While we are a fairly techie family, I feel proud to tell you that we have thus far resisted the temptation to add one of those newer gaming consoles to our collection of electronics. Not only do I not relish the idea of having to control one more time-consuming thing that kids want to spend […]

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