379I never had any sisters, so I cannot relate. The age spread between Lora and Sarah was huge (10 years), so that was a different situation as well.

Over the last few days I have noticed an interesting dynamic brewing in the house. Ruthie (8yo) has all of a sudden latched on to Sarah (13yo) and has become her little shadow. She is trying to fix her hair like Sarah, dress like Sarah…she shadows Sarah around hanging in the background watching to see what she is doing and then scurries off to find something similar of her own. Last night Sarah snuggled down on the couch with her sketch pad to doodle and within a few minutes Ruthie appeared with her sketch pad and plopped herself down to doodle.

Ru has even decided that she is now too big for “footie” pajamas because obviously Sarah doesn’t wear them anymore.

Last night while preparing supper I had not one girl in the kitchen with me but…TWO! I’d say this could have some benefits…:)

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