Wish Me Luck!

It all started about 23 years ago when my aunt made a birth sampler for Lora when Lora was a baby. Although I knew how to cross stitch, it never occurred to me to make a birth sampler. Well…that little gesture started something that has become a tradition as our family has grown. When I was expecting Daniel, I decided that he needed a birth sampler also and on and on it has gone. Some samplers have been completed faster than others…but I’ve always managed to get the last one done before the next baby came along…not bad if I do say so myself.

All of the samplers line the hallway upstairs. I have a current 8×10 picture of each child hanging above his or her sampler. Actually…above Lora’s sampler now is a picture of Lora and Ava…I need an updated one (hint, hint!). The boys are one one side and the girls are on the other side. It’s a long hallway, but this baby is going to have to be squeezed in on the end.

So…the other day when I was shopping I bopped into Michael’s and picked up a new birth sampler. Cross stitch is not my favorite pastime anymore…but do I have a choice in this matter? I think not…

This is what I came home with:


So far, I have managed to finish one blue balloon. Little by little…it’ll get done.

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