Wish Me Luck!

It all started about 23 years ago when my aunt made a birth sampler for Lora when Lora was a baby. Although I knew how to cross stitch, it never occurred to me to make a birth sampler. Well…that little gesture started something that has become a tradition as our family has grown. When I […]

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Healthy Weight Gain

Yep…that’s what I’m aiming for this pregnancy. I started a tad underweight, so hubby is actually pushing me to gain a little more than I’d like. So far I seem on track and I’ve definitely filled out already.
I can hardly wait for the end of all of this when I am faced with the […]

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Winter Skin

Winter skin is a tough one…Cracking hands, dry face, scaly legs…the works. I just detest what the dry and cold weather do to my skin. Thankfully it seems like my skin rejuvenates when the weather moderates. Sometimes when it really gets to me and I start looking around for some high quality skin care products, […]

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And On the Other End of the Spectrum…

There’s me and my wrinkles! Blech!
I was just looking at this website that is reviewing jan marini products. Wrinkle creams are so expensive…I cringe at the thought of spending a lot of money on something that is a low quality product.
When I do get to the point where I’m ready to plunk […]

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Teen Angst

Poor Sarah…adolescence is not being kind to her skin. We are noticing a pattern that connects her diet with her skin so she is becoming very aware of what she eats and what she wants to avoid eating to have clearer skin. Sometimes she decides a break-out is worth it…and sometimes it isn’t. Such is […]

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UGH – Maternity Clothes

I was perusing the internet the other day (no, not looking for benefits of colon cleansing…although there is plenty of that information out there to be had on the internet, too) just looking at what the current maternity styles are…I can hardly believe I’m dealing with this again. I know I got rid of […]

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