Thinking Backsplash?

As I stood stirring hot cocoa at the stove yesterday, I found my mind turning to the backsplash behind my stove top…or should I say…I found myself thinking about the lack of backsplash. I think it is high time we chose some pretty tile and constructed an attractive backsplash that would not only look great, […]

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Rude Insurance Premiums

Ever since Daniel’s accident last summer, we have been bracing ourselves for the adjusted insurance quote that we were expecting last month. Sure enough, our premiums went up…even though Daniel is not even technically on our policy. Hubby was NOT happy about that, as you can imagine.
Now that Daniel is married, he will be getting […]

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Busy Week Coming Up…

Back into the typical busy week this coming week…however, chilling a little for the past two weeks is going to make it feel a little harried to get everywhere we need to be. On top of this, I did not do my regular weekly shopping today because we are in the middle of a deep […]

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