Indoor Allergies

Sometimes my husband’s sniffer scares me with its accuracy. I have learned over the years that any time I hear him do a quick “triple sniff” he has detected something to be concerned about. Most recently, his sniffer detected some interior mold growing in on our bedroom wall. After much cleaning and repainting we are now mold-free for the time being. The downside of this great sniffer my dear hubby has is also having horrible allergies. We need to invest in some special allergy bedding to make him more comfortable some day soon.

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  1. Hay fever can make the nose, roof of the mouth, back of the throat, and eyes itch. Itching may begin gradually or abruptly. The nose runs, producing a clear watery discharge, and may turn out to be stuffed up. In kids, the stuffy nose leads to an ear infection. The lining of the nose may turn out to be swollen and bluish red. The nasal discharge may be examined to see whether or not it contains eosinophils which are a sort of white blood cell produced in significant numbers throughout an allergic reaction. Skin tests will support to confirm the diagnosis and the identity of the allergen.

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