Family Updates

It’s been awhile…thought we could do with an update.

Daniel and Jessica have put wedding plans off temporarily until Jessica finishes up the last of her high school requirements involved with her Charter schooling…she has some community service hours that have to be finished before they will issue her diploma. So, until that is done wedding plans are on hold. That works for us.

David is looking ahead to his 16th birthday…unbelievably! He is pushing hard for starting Driver’s Ed so we are considering this and how we will approach this big milestone.

Sarah is weeks away from becoming a teenager! That is merely a formality; however, as she has assumed the role of a moody teenager for quite some time. She keeps busy with schoolwork, flute, ballet, knitting, cross stitch, cooking and other activities like that.

Michael is keeping busy with trumpet lessons and schoolwork. He has been shoveling for a neighbor this winter and we’ve had quite a bit of snow so far so that is keeping him busy.

Ruthie is cruising through third grade. I cannot believe how sharp that little thing is. She seems to have a knack for figures and has also discovered chapter books this winter. Between becoming a little bookworm and jazz dance lessons she’s been busy.

Abby is our little one who is a bright spot of sunshine wherever she happens to be. She is chomping at the bit to learn to read and has managed to pick up quite a bit of phonics and writing skills without a lot of effort. She divides her play time between Ruthie and Isaiah without much difficulty. She’s also advanced to the next level of ballet and is a more difficult class this year.

Isaiah is the caboose to this little entourage and what he lacks in stature he more than makes up for in personality. This kid is scary with his abilities for logic and common sense. He can draw conclusions that make you sit and stare at him sometimes. Seriously scary! He’s Michael’s little sidekick and the two brothers are often inseparable.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

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