Making Pasta

My newest craze? Making pasta! Years ago I had an electric pasta maker that I used often…and then one thing led to another and it was relegated to the basement and eventually I gave it away.


Recently, my interest in making my own pasta resurfaced and I bought a manual pasta maker with a crank that attaches to my countertop. My pasta maker came with attachments for making angelhair, fettucini, ravioli, and lasagne as well.

It looks just like this ——->

I will admit that my first attempt failed miserably and I was frustrated. After a few hours of ruminating on this, I searched for a video on the Internet that would show me what I was doing wrong. Within approximately five minutes I realized my mistakes and I was ready to try again.

My second attempt was successful and I have made it a third time with perfect success. The kids love it so far and we are enjoying it a lot. Tonight we are having homemade ravioli and I can’t wait!

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