Indoor Allergies

Sometimes my husband’s sniffer scares me with its accuracy. I have learned over the years that any time I hear him do a quick “triple sniff” he has detected something to be concerned about. Most recently, his sniffer detected some interior mold growing in on our bedroom wall. After much cleaning and repainting we are […]

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Job Search?

I’m so glad not to be job searching in this current economic climate. I can’t imagine having to find a job philadelphia or someplace else on the east coast. That and the west coast would seem to be the most difficult to navigate with any success. I think we have been quite insulated here in […]

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No…Apparently 8 is NOT Enough!

Dropping a bomb on my readers today.
We are expecting an addition to our family sometime the middle of next July. We were very surprised at this as we were thinking we were done…with the arrival of grandbabies and all since our last (Isaiah) was born in 2006.
We seem to have a trend going here…I […]

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Brand New Husband and Wife!

Daniel and Jessica were married last night in a quiet ceremony. Here are some highlights!

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Online Degree

I know I’ve said this before…but some day…SOME WAY…I really want to pursue finishing my degree studies with an online degree. It is not feasible or possible for me to attend school outside the home…not now and not any time soon when I look at things realistically. That means I have to get creative. […]

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Family Updates

It’s been awhile…thought we could do with an update.
Daniel and Jessica have put wedding plans off temporarily until Jessica finishes up the last of her high school requirements involved with her Charter schooling…she has some community service hours that have to be finished before they will issue her diploma. So, until that is done wedding […]

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Feeling the Need for a Warm Vacation

We are supposed to get our first two snowstorms of the season this week. We are hunkering down for the beginning of hibernation. Me…I’d rather be heading somewhere warm like a virgin islands vacation to celebrate our upcoming 20th anniversary. Did I actually just type that? I feel so old! How can we be coming […]

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Fat Burner? Ha!

So…what do you use for fat burners? I heartily recommend a hectic schedule and a chilly winter! No chemicals required! You’d be amazed how just getting yourself moving a little bit will make a huge difference. Get a pedometer and try to best your number of steps every day! It can get addicting after […]

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Making Pasta

My newest craze? Making pasta! Years ago I had an electric pasta maker that I used often…and then one thing led to another and it was relegated to the basement and eventually I gave it away.

Recently, my interest in making my own pasta resurfaced and I bought a manual pasta maker with a crank […]

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