Near Disaster Averted

I went downstairs Wednesday morning with some fresh milk to rotate up some older milk and put the newest milk downstairs in the fridge. Next to our extra fridge, stands an upright freezer that is full to the brim of meat, bread, summer vegetables and baked goods. I happened to notice a small puddle on the floor in front of the freezer.

I hastily put the milk away and stepped over to see what was up. To my horror, I noticed the door ajar about an inch. I opened the freezer and was dismayed to see a things in various stages of thaw.

I quickly shut the door and tried to figure out how long it had been open. My best guess is it was open for about 36 hours…when I sent the kids down to get a jug of cider. I got a thermometer to see what the temperature inside the freezer was and was glad to see that it was about 40 degrees. The meat that was inside was still safe.

I assessed the freezer over the rest of the day and was a little nervous about how the freezer seemed to be recovering…the food was not refreezing as I had anticipated it would.
Before I went to bed last night I checked the temperature again and it was 30…but the food was still not refreezing quickly.

NO change today…so I called Frigidaire finally and talked to a service rep. She told me that we had to manually reset the the defrost mechanism in the back of the freezer before it would cool properly. This was certainly an obscure bit of information…I did not find anything suggesting this would be necessary in either the owners manual or the multiple internet searches I did about this situation.

Anyway…we reset the freezer…and while it was manually defrosting we used to time to give it a good cleaning out inside.

I just came back upstairs from checking on it again and the temp has fallen down to about 15…so it is cranking once again.

One of my worst nightmares (as far as food storage is concerned) almost came true this week. Disaster averted, though! Oh, and I’ve already told the kids that no one under the age of 21 is allowed to ever open that freezer again!

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