Thanks for the Prayers…

They are working for most of us! At this writing, all but Sarah and hubby are on the mend. Daniel never even caught it, so we are very happy about that, too.

I will say, though…that I am somewhat concerned about Sarah. We thought she was getting better. Both she and David caught it on the same day (Saturday). David is now completely better except for his cough. On Tuesday, it appeared that Sarah was getting better and she had a little more zip to her. Tuesday evening, however, the zip was gone and she went to bed very early.

Yesterday and today…the fever has returned and she has spent almost the entire day sleeping. She is also not eating. I wish I knew what her secret best appetite suppressant is because it sure seems to be a doozy.

As I write this, she has been up in bed for several hours already. If she is not better by tomorrow, I may take her back to the DR.

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