Online Back Up

As some readers undoubtedly remember, this blog has been the target of several attacks over the last few months. The first one kept returning and returning and finally I traced it to originating somewhere in Siberia! Finally my host helped me stop that attach from continuing. Most recently, the entire blog was brought down […]

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Teenage Boys and Tile Backsplashes

I fully admit, the only thought I have put into tiles lately is the though that the tiles I have in my upstairs bathroom on the vanity back splash are needing some serious elbow grease. I think teenage boys are the biggest source of tile abuse. They seem to splatter EVERYwhere. Love them to pieces…but […]

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Needin’ Some Blinders

As in…horse blinders to keep me from seeing the horrible state my poor house is in. Clutter is mounting, dust bunnies are multiplying, laundry is almost insurmountable, kitchen is a disaster, refrigerator isn’t THAT bare, but it is bare of fast and easy to eat foods that people can help themselves to. After this is […]

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Time to Head South

We’ve only been back from Tucson for about a week and a half and already we are all so sick. I’m really thinking we need to get out of this climate and head somewhere warm during the winters. No one needs spine surgery Mexico thankfully, and I don’t think we want to go as far […]

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