Watching the Boy Move Out

Ah what a bittersweet time…this is now our second time going through this and it sure doesn’t get any easier. Seeing children move out on their own…children you nurtured and coddled from their first breath…oh my…does that test a mother’s endurance!
This is the day…the culmination of everything it seems!
An so, we’ve been wading through the […]

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Ugh – Exhaust System

Hubby just detected that Daniel’s car has a leak in the exhaust system. Not the greatest news for a struggling student who is about to embark on a life of independence, eh? My concern is that he will ignore this as long as he possibly can and then only fix it when he has to […]

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The upcoming wedding of Daniel and Jessica. You might say we are approaching this with guarded enthusiasm. They are very much in love and very happy…but also very young. Life will be filled with lots of responsibilities for their young shoulders and we are so hoping that school does not get pushed onto the back […]

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POS Systems

I had no idea that those new fangled cash registers are called “point of sale” systems…or POS systems for short. Who knew? I know they are everywhere now and they seem to operate much like a computer. I’d probably be lost if I were a cashier somewhere. Then again…maybe it would be fun.
‘course I […]

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Making the Switch to Bluray?

Have you done this? Are you considering it?
Personally…I’m more than a little miffed that they are changing formats YET AGAIN. We still have bins of video cassettes and audio cassettes for crying out loud! We now have fully committed to DVDs and they are now mixing it up again. Maybe instead of following the pack, […]

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Bundle Up Baby!

Isaiah was bundled tonight in his footie pajamas, slippers and robe. I hadn’t realized how cumbersome he must have felt his pajamas were until I heard him mutter to himself, “I’m fat!” Soon, he was shedding his robe and then he said, “There, that’s better!” If only it were that easy to burn belly […]

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Near Disaster Averted

I went downstairs Wednesday morning with some fresh milk to rotate up some older milk and put the newest milk downstairs in the fridge. Next to our extra fridge, stands an upright freezer that is full to the brim of meat, bread, summer vegetables and baked goods. I happened to notice a small puddle on […]

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Thanks for the Prayers…

They are working for most of us! At this writing, all but Sarah and hubby are on the mend. Daniel never even caught it, so we are very happy about that, too.
I will say, though…that I am somewhat concerned about Sarah. We thought she was getting better. Both she and David caught it on the […]

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H1N1 Confirmed

After a quick trip to the doctor this morning…face masks and all…we have had h1n1 confirmed.
As of today, everyone but hubby and Daniel have it. This is one NASTY bug, people. If you get it, be prepared to hunker down and kiss good bye at least a week of your life.
Each day, I […]

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Online Back Up

As some readers undoubtedly remember, this blog has been the target of several attacks over the last few months. The first one kept returning and returning and finally I traced it to originating somewhere in Siberia! Finally my host helped me stop that attach from continuing. Most recently, the entire blog was brought down […]

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