The Princess and The Speed Dial

Once upon a time, there was a little princess named Ava. Princess Ava lives way too far away from her “MeeMa.” This little princess has been taught by her mother how to use the speed dial feature on the cell phone. Now that Princess Ava knows how to speed dial and knows which letter “MeeMa” is, MeeMa must make sure that she never assumes the ringing telephone is someone with mere auto insurance quotes. Oh, no no no! Now when the telephone rings, it very likely is Princess Ava calling to tell me something important. Friday, for example, Princess Ava had a brand new bunk bed delivered. On that day, MeeMa missed Princess Ava’s important phone call…but I did receive a very long voice mail instead. Today, MeeMa received an excited telephone call that brought me happily inside for a break from my yard work so that I could hear all about Princess Ava’s trip to the pumpkin patch.

As someone who has long been content to let most phone calls go directly to voice mail, this MeeMa is happily running for the phone these days!

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