Oink? I Dunno yet…

Abby and I have been sick since Thursday night. High fevers, head colds, chest colds, body aches, extreme fatigue…I typically stay as far away from the doctor as I can, but I admit that this elephant sitting on my chest is making me think that perhaps a quick visit down the street to our […]

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The Princess and The Speed Dial

Once upon a time, there was a little princess named Ava. Princess Ava lives way too far away from her “MeeMa.” This little princess has been taught by her mother how to use the speed dial feature on the cell phone. Now that Princess Ava knows how to speed dial and knows which letter “MeeMa” […]

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We’ve arrived home and are settled in and unpacked. We got back on Wednesday morning. After several days of grueling unpacking and laundry and reorganizing, everything is set to go for getting back into the swing of things.
Last night we had a free range turkey for dinner with all the trimmings – sort of […]

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Shingles Progressing

Yes…what fun it is NOT. I’ll tell you this, one certainly does not need top weight loss pills when dealing with the fun of shingles. I cannot stand how horrible the itching is. I tend to forget how much it hurts and go to scratch and end up in agony. Ugh…
From what I read, the […]

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On the Road…with Shingles?

Yes, it seems so. About a week ago, I began having some strange symptoms that suddenly occurred to me several days ago might be shingles. I finally Googled some things and I think I have diagnosed myself with Shingles.
We have five kids who have not had chicken pox…so this might get interesting.
Any bets on whether […]

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Hacked – And Back!

Any readers I still have undoubtedly ran away screaming from my blog over the past week. It seems it was hacked and a trojan installed on the WordPress files somewhere. This installation necessitated me backing up my files, deleting the entire blog and reinstalling it from scratch.
Many hours later…it’s back and I think it is […]

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