Autumn Cleaning

In the midst of all of the packing and organizing I have been hit by an irresistable urge to clean the house. So unlike me! Very inconvenient, also, I might add.
So, I guess before we leave I will give my house the equivalent of a good colon cleanse and get it whipped into shape so […]

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Wearing my Bluetooth Headset

Would you believe me if I told you that I wear a Bluetooth headset while I’m out and about? Yep…little geek ol’ me wears one and talks to herself when I’m shopping and running errands. I’m actually on my second one because my first one died about a year ago. As long as I have […]

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Autumn Craziness is Here

Full-swing craziness has arrived.
After weeks of preparation we are finally down to the wire. An annual holy day tomorrow and then ballet begins in the evening. Wednesday we leave for Tucson and will be gone for several weeks.
No…I don’t think I am going to need any weight loss pills that work…especially after tomorrow. LOL
So…I have […]

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Researching Resveratrol Supplements

Some time ago, I did a series of posts about Resveratrol and the new studies and findings that are coming about about this supplement. Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant found in red wine and is though to be at least partially responsible for the longevity of Europeans. At that time I was quite convinced about […]

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New Eye Cream

I’m on the hunt for a new eye cream. I’ve been using a very expensive eye cream that I received as a complimentary benefit for doing a review of the product…very expensive stuff…and SIGH…it’s almost gone! I love the stuff, but I can’t afford to buy any more. So…I’m looking for a new product that […]

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Weight Loss the Old Fashioned Way

Do you keep up with all of the newest weight loss products that continue to come out week after week? I…do not. In fact, I am probably the world’s least informed person about new weight loss products. My creed is to do it the old fashioned way if you need to lose weight. Every time […]

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Boosting the Immune System

Crossing my fingers…we have several bugs going around the house right now. Kids have colds and Ruthie has a stomach flu. Neither of which I can afford to get right now. Now…I’m not so desperate that I am looking into anything like colon cleanse reviews or anything like that. But I am doing a few […]

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First Colds of the Season

Yep…first colds of the season are rearing their ugly heads. So far…the boys are falling victim! Michael is miserable and Isaiah was awake in his bed more times than I care to count last night.
Seems that the weather change usually does us in. Just hoping that we run through this little virus before we have […]

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Stress for Weight Loss

I highly recommend it! Erm…kidding!
Anyone searching for cheap weight loss supplements could always try stress, but it sure isn’t any fun. I can tell you this from personal experience over the last several weeks. Now that life is shifting into another stressful time (Feast preparations) I simply have no end to the stress in […]

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Car Problem – Solved

We finally found Daniel another car last night. Whew…cannot tell you what a relief that is! The last month having him not have a car has been…well…awful!
So…off he went to school today and life settled back into a much more relaxed routine with me not having to run him around. Now we just have to […]

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