Summer Busy-ness

Anyone who chases kids around like I do every day sure does tend to burn the calories. I know I certainly have no need to buy weight loss pills with the brood I keep up with. We are almost at the end of another crazy week. THEN…begins August with another sort of busy-ness. This will […]

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Taking to the Road

Every once in a while, hubby and I dream briefly about what it might be like to be empty nesters. We’re entitled, after all…right? I mean…even though we still have a houseful of kids, we’ve been at this parenting thing for over 20 years with no end in site. So…even though it’s a way off, […]

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What a Beautiful Day!

We had company this afternoon and ended up taking a bike ride on the local bike trail and went all the way to a neighboring town 7 miles away. While we were there we biked to a local dam and let the kids pick around a bit there, then we biked home, grilled out, and […]

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This is Summer, Right?

Honestly…I have to keep reminding myself it’s not October. Last night it got down into the 40s!!!!!!! My poor tomatoes are hard and green. I did pick some beans the other night and we had them for supper tonight. Yum! We also ate the first zucchini and summer squashes tonight. And………Abby and I […]

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Brrrrrrrrr…Let the Harvest Begin!

It is so cold here…it feels like October! Not exaggerating even one little bit either! I think our high yesterday was 64.
I picked my first zucchini yesterday and I am waiting on one more that is almost ready. Then I am going to make this!

Zucchini fry cakes! Don’t these look awesome? I seriously cannot wait […]

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Ma Huang

ma huang is also known as ephedra. Asthma treatment is one of the main clinical uses for pure ephedra. Dietary supplements also actively promote ephedra as an effective herb for weight loss and also for increasing athletic performance. Whether ma huang (ephedra) is safe remains to be seen. Many states have banned or restricted use […]

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Bragging on David

I have to do just a bit of bragging on David. He took a woodworking class the second semester of the school year…he really wasn’t sure he wanted to, but we pushed him a little and he did it. He took a while deciding on his project and then he was very tight-lipped about it.
Kind […]

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Pretty in Pink

This little beauty is Madison. She is Daniel’s girlfriend’s baby. NOT his baby, mind you…but you can tell he loves her, can’t you?
I fooled around with this picture this morning because I just love it. I honestly think it could win a prize or something. Not for my photo effects, but just for the photo […]

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Off to Pick Some FREE Strawberries

Can you believe it? The local organic farm on the edge of town just sent out an email to all of the homeschooling families in the area and offered free picking for the entire weekend. Basically, bring your own containers and come and pick as much as you want. So…off we go! I’ve got the […]

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