New Phone Already?

I was helping David pick out a new cell phone a few weeks ago and so was spending a fair amount of time browsing around looking at cellular phones. I just got my smart phone a year ago and I seriously love-love-love this phone. I know some people buy a new phone almost yearly…but honestly…I […]

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Beautiful Summer Day…

Today was a picture perfect day. Low humidities, plenty of sunshine. I took three kids shopping with me and we made our way through the maze of stores. They were all perfect angels and I am not exaggerating one little bit. It was an absolute pleasure to have them along with me. We stopped at […]

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Sharing a Few Pics

Greetings! How is your summer going? Mine is crazy. I don’t know why I always think summers will be a little slower pace. Although they are certainly a different pace than the school year, they are NOT slower by any means. Swimming, swim team, baseball, summer school…trying to get Michael to practice piano and multiplication […]

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Mother of the Year Nomination?!?

I think I just have to be in the running for this after the last few weeks I’ve put in. What with the graduation party…the birthdays over the last month…trying to finish the school year, putting in the garden…shuttling back and forth to swim lessons, ball games, and library programs…and on and on and on…top […]

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New Awarenesses

A couple of years ago, I could not have told you what mesothelioma was. Now…thanks to the internet I have learned all about what a frightening and needless cancer this is. We have asbestos in our basement that my husband has had extensive exposure to…so this illness is something that I am concerned about. Makes […]

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Graduation Party…TOMORROW!

I think I’m ready for this! Tomorrow afternoon is the big graduation party. Weather looks quite wet today, the the weatherman promised me that it would blow through by overnight tonight and tomorrow would be pretty much dry. I’m counting on this.
Cooking is under control, house is pretty clean, tonight we need to decorate and […]

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